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Mission Statement
The mission of Huguley Elementary School is to recognize the individuality of each student and to meet every students academic, physical, emotional, and social needs. As caring professionals, we will meet these needs by providing innovative and developmentally appropriate curriculum activities that will prepare the students to be successful citizens of the 21st century.
Library Hours and Check-Out Services
Library Hours

Monday - Friday

8:10 AM to 2:45 PM

All students will have access to the library weekly with their class. Open library time is available each day for checkout, research or flexible class collaboration. The library media center will open at 8:10 am and will close at 2:45 pm each day. During special evening events, the media center will remain accessible during the duration of the event.

Teachers are encouraged to check out classroom collections on a biweekly or monthly basis. It is requested that books be changed regularly so that all students and teachers will have access to the titles.

Student Checkout Information:

Pre-K students do not check out books from the library. However, they do come to the library for a read aloud on a weekly basis.

All other students are allowed to check out two books at a time. Once you have returned a book you can then select however many books you have returned, from the shelf. If you happen to lose or damage a book it in any way, you must pay for it.
Top AR Classes for the Week
1. Mrs. Freeman
2. Mrs. Bush
3. Mrs. Colley
4. Mr. Yates
5. Ms. Brown
6. Mrs. Spencer
7. Mrs. Howard
8. Mrs. Harris
9. Mrs. Dixon
10. Dr. Echols

Top AR Winner
Katelyn Jackson
Great Character
This weeks character trait is:


The definition of fairness is - impartial and just treatment or behavior without favoritism or discrimination.
"part of my role is to ensure fairness to all parties"

Book Fair - March 4th - March 8th

Meet the Media Specialist

6 months ago

My name is Sherrie Taylor.  I am from Roanoke, Alabama and I graduated from Handley High School in 1987. I attended college at Southern Union State Community College where I received my Associate Degree. I attended Jacksonville State University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and also my Master in Media Specialist.  I have been at Huguley Elementary since 2006. I taught 2nd grade for 6 years and 5th grade for 7 years. I am the new Media Specialist now at Huguley Elementary. I love Huguley Elementary, and I am very blessed to work with some of the best educators in the world. 

I currently reside in Roanoke with my husband Bob. We have two children Anthony and Logan. Anthony is a lineman for Silvey Power Company and Logan is a senior at the University of West Georgia.