Bullying Prevention

Bullying Prevention

Counseling Lesson

Week of September 12, 2022

What is my child learning? (PreK – 2nd)

Your child is learning that you need to use your eyes, ears & brain when you focus attention on something. Your child is also learning how to make an “attent-o-scope” to help focus attention.

What is my child learning? (3rd – 5th)

Your child is learning how to use “self-talk” to understand task while handling distractions.

10 Ways Parents and Caregivers Can Help Kids Build Resilience

Here are ways that parents and caregivers can help their children and family become more resilient. Some of these may take some effort but are worth it in the long run. If you are a parent or caregiver, you can:

1.Set family goals and have children play an important role in working towards them.

2.When your child is defensive or aggressive, help them reflect on the situation to understand what is causing their behavior. Children may lack the skills to handle what's happening. They may need support. Help them build the skills they lack so they can respond in better ways in the future.

3.Practice role playing how to handle different problems. This helps children develop ways of handling challenges.

4.Model an attitude of grit and optimism in the face of family challenges.

5.Work on solving problems together.

6.Teach your child how to manage stress. Participating in wellness activities together, like exercise or healthy cooking, can be helpful.

7.Find someone (like a tutor, mentor, or school counselor) to help your child improve specific academic or life skills.

8.Volunteer together to help others in need.

9.Talk to your childabout past challenges and how they helped you grow.

10.Help your child find practical solutions to problems as they come up.

With parent and caregiver support, a child's resilience can develop and help them cope when they are faced with difficult experiences, like bullying.